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The Content Cauldron is a potent 1:1 copy coaching program to unlock your unique vision, values + voice – and infuse it into your copy with courage and care.

So you make money and a meaningful difference…and always know what to write.

Content coach

  • You stop struggling when you sit down to write your web copy, emails or posts. Because you have a clear plan in place.

  • You stop spinning in indecision and confusion – and sharing messy messaging. Because you know your content aligns with your vision, embodies your unique voice + connects with your community.

  • You farewell frustration from writer’s block. Because your mission + message pour onto the page with focus, flow + ease. 

  • You magnetise more money, opportunities, clients + collaborations beyond your wildest dreams. Because you speak your truth.

As your Writing Witch, I’ll guide you to speak up, stand out, and share your message…with heart, integrity and rock-solid self-belief.

You’ll cultivate the courage and clarity to cast your creations into the world.

What would become possible if you had someone with over 14 years’ business, copywriting and coaching expertise by your side – an intuitive creatrix mentoring you as you clarify your vision, voice, mission and message?

How empowered would you be if you had unwavering self-trust, knowing your content is strong and making a meaningful difference?

How much more easeful, joyful and flippin’ fabulous would your workday and life be if you could spend less time struggling to perfect your copy, and more time serving your people (or kickin’ back with a cocktail or cuppa at two on a Tuesday)?

What would it be like to reclaim your weekends and evenings, because you’ve swapped slog for soulful simplicity?

How would it feel to be focused and fired up, because a wise Writing Witch is helping shape your content with inclusive, honest marketing tactics?

For over 14 years, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and brands – from womxn entrepreneurs to global giants – find their voice and share their story.

Now I’m on a mission to make that magic with you!

The Content Cauldron is right for you if:

  • You’re a womxn entrepreneur, business owner or leader with a burning desire to make a difference in the world – but feel stuck or struggle when writing about your work.

  • You have a bright and bold vision – but want a hand capturing it, bottling it, and turning it into compelling copy that really resonates with your clients and community.

  • You feel frustrated, because your content doesn’t really sound like you – and you need some clarity around how to speak and share your mission and message.

  • You want to infuse inclusive and ethical practices into your marketing – so you minimise harm and create a safe space for folx.

  • You feel lost and directionless in your business – and need support to connect the threads of your many passions.

  • You need someone to validate your concepts, copy, structure or strategy.


“Katherine was so wonderful to work with – she saved me from About page paralysis and shame by helping me articulate so clearly what was in my heart. When you are so used to being in you own head about what you do, having someone who is adept at coaching and copy to look at my work from the outside in was a dream combination. I’m so grateful to Katherine for this. She is so gentle and insightful and was listening deeply to my vision.”
– Amanda Freeman, Inspire Natural Therapies

“I just added your beautiful words to my page. I’m feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation. I am so overjoyed with how it’s turned out. I honestly couldn’t have imagined this.”
– Kari D, artist

“Katherine has found her calling helping women work through challenges and unlock growth. Her approach is rooted in experience, education, and feedback. I have so much more clarity about my vision!”
– Claire Thorpe, Head of Marketing at Isosec


“I’m really blown away. I don’t even really know what to say at the moment. Words can not express my thanks. You are a WORD WIZARD!”
Kari D, artist

Here’s what happens at the cauldron:

content coach

I send you a Content Crystal Ball workbook. With prompts, practices and expressive exercises, it’ll open your intuition to your unique vision + voice.

Gather round the cauldron! In a 1:1 session on Zoom, we’ll dive even deeper into your personal and brand vision and voice – and any mindset blocks in your way. So you get crystal clear on who you serve and how to connect with them. 

Show me up to 2 content pieces (say an email, blog post or web page), and I’ll send you a video walkthrough of where to sprinkle a dash of your vision, a dollop of your voice and a scoop of magical marketing witchery. Then simply preen, polish + publish!

Delve into your brand Spellbook (a sacred document that captures your unique vision + voice with writing guidelines). It’s ready to print and return to any time you need inspiration casting new content.

You’ll finally have the clarity and confidence to write your way – with a message that bedazzles your dream coven of clients.

Join me at The Content Cauldron 
Total value: $3,500


Only 4 spots available each month



Content Crystal Ball workbook

Up to 2 hours virtual visioning session

Content review of up to 2 pieces

Brand Spellbook

AUD $275



Content Crystal Ball workbook

Up to 2 hours virtual visioning session

Content review of up to 2 pieces

Brand Spellbook


Welcome pack with printed workbook + goodies! (Australian clients only)

30-min check in call after 1 month

AUD $1100


Here’s what happens after you book…

Pay a deposit or in full to save your spot at the cauldron.

Slip into something comfy and complete your Content Crystal Ball workbook.

We get together for up to 2 hours, diving deeper into your content vision + voice. Then send me up to 2 content pieces you want reviewed. I’ll record a step-by-step video walkthrough, so you know exactly how to tweak your content.

I’ll send your custom brand Spellbook. Use it any time you need to unleash your writing witchery – and create your content with calm, confident certainty.

“With her approachable and compassionate nature, Katherine provides you with realistic and achievable goals and tools to be the best version of yourself – wherever you are in that journey. I always look forward to our calls!”
Elisa Chan, Head of UX Research & Beta at Amazon Music

“Katherine is a truly kind, compassionate coach. She deeply listens to help me identify and work through areas where I’m stuck, such as confidence, values and leadership. I’m so grateful for her support, she is a true lightworker!”
Claire Thorpe, Head of Marketing at Isosec

What’s a Brand Spellbook?2020-07-19T06:14:51+00:00

It’s a fancy way of saying “brand book”. Basically, this pretty PDF details your unique vision + voice that we unearth together – plus ethical and Feminist writing guidelines. So any time you feel stuck or unsure what to write, simply turn to your Spellbook for guidance.

I don’t have a business yet. Is this right for me?2020-07-19T06:13:53+00:00

For sure! Knowing your unique vision + voice is essential when dreaming up or starting out in business. Many clients say they wish they did it sooner! Together, we’ll discover the mission and message you feel fired up to share – and also clear up any mindset blocks (hello, imposter syndrome). So you feel clear and confident when you embark on your business journey. Fun!

How long will we work together?2020-07-19T06:18:18+00:00

It takes around 3-4 weeks to move through the 4 steps (workbook, visioning call, walkthrough video + brand Storybook). If you’d like to take more time to complete your Content Crystal Ball workbook, we’ll spend a little more than a month together.

I also offer ongoing content coaching, reviewing your copy each month. It might be emails, sales pages, social posts or something else. We can chat about this after you join.

I lead a team as an employee. Can I still join?2020-07-19T06:16:28+00:00

Absolutely! While I work with a lot of womxn entrepreneurs and business owners, I can also help you hone your vision + voice if you manage a team – or are responsible for your company’s content or internal comms.

Why won’t you write my copy for me?2020-07-19T06:16:02+00:00

Because my vision is to empower you to share your mission and message – not to second-guess what you write, or hide it because it isn’t “perfect”. The marketing world sells the lie that you can’t trust your truth, that you can’t write well enough to connect with your audience, and that you need a copywriter to do it all for you. You do have a vision. You do have a voice. And you can create content that makes a meaningful impact (yep. Even if it has typos!) We’re going to get you to a place where you courageously create content that reflects YOU, your brand, and your leadership style. And if you later outsource it to a copywriter, you’ll be in an empowering position to brief them.

Are you going to do any weird witchcraft on me?!2020-07-27T03:07:19+00:00

Nope! As a Writing Witch, I use my gifts to help you clarify your personal and/or brand vision + voice. So you can step into your personal power and purpose – and we can co-create a better, fairer world for all. During our sessions, I might hold a crystal or light a candle, and hold an intention for an expansive and transformative experience. If you’re into it, I can pull an oracle or tarot card for you. But that’s about it.