Brave Business in Wobbly Moments book


Let’s be honest: the world is weird right now. Many of us are feeling scared, stuck and uncertain. But here’s the good news: to be brave, you don’t need to first feel confident. Or know what to do. Or be perfect. You simply need to show up and act with courage, heart, and integrity.

Brave Business in Wobbly Moments
 is your gentle guide to do just that – even when the world is overwhelming. With 114 pages filled with funny and heartfelt stories, intuitive insights and practical steps to build your brave business and life. Your way.

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“The world is going through BIG ‘wobbly moment’ right now (how great is that term), and Katherine has answered the call by producing this book. Her message is simple but powerful: Get it done, imperfectly. Show up, even though it’s hard. It’s okay if it gets uncomfortable. There are ways you can come back to yourself. It’s practical yet gentle advice that feels like a hug when you need it most.”

“I love the tangible activities throughout that make the advice actionable, leading to actual real-world shifts in what I’m doing and thinking. I also love the easy-to-read style – it’s like we’re two girlfriends talking over a cuppa. Thanks for a wonderful resource that I’ll keep coming back to, re-reading and probably get more out of each time.” – Jenna Shenton, coach

brave hypnosis meditation


This guided hypnosis gently guides you into your private, safe sanctuary within. A tranquil oasis to cultivate courage, confidence, and calm during difficult times.

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Some of us are sensitive souls. We feel so very deeply. We think somewhat abstractly. We observe when others chatter. We retreat when others revel. And while introversion is now better understood and appreciated, it can still be tricky being a quiet business owner in a noisy world. Packed with practical tips and tricks, The Quiet Copywriter is your guide to surviving and thriving as an introverted creative in the buzzing business world.

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“As a self-employed writer, reading The Quiet Copywriter gave me some real clarity. Through Katherine’s combination of storytelling and tips, I realised there are others who are like me: confident and capable, yet quiet and with a need to tailor work life to our own strengths.” – Megan Blandford

“In The Quiet Copywriter, Katherine shows introverts how they can use their strengths to build a kick-ass copywriting business. As a fellow introvert, I’ve often felt like I’ve had to fight against my inner nature and force myself to communicate in styles that just aren’t natural for me – and as a result, not communicate effectively! ButKatherine provides some great tips on how to strike a balance between being responsive and available for clients, and still honouring your own personal style. I found her suggestions on how to network effectively as an introvert particularly useful and I’ll be putting them into use very soon. As quiet writers, we know how to get the job done and impress the socks off our current clients, andKatherine offers very practical advice on how to grow your copywriting business beyond the simplistic cold-calling advice of many other business manuals.” – Angela Denly,

“Many of the best writers I know are self-confessed introverts, and the very things that make them great writers (as Katherine makes clear in this thoughtful book) are the things that can potentially hinder them from finding commercial success as a copywriter.Katherine gently guides you through some of the challenges (nerves at networking events, the cold sweat of cold calls) as well as the joys of life as a freelancer, with some excellent tips along the way. If you’ve been thinking about making the leap into a new copywriting career, but there’s something holding you back, fear not! This book has the answers.” – Sara Howard, Writers Australia

“It felt like you were talking directly to me. I found the sentences just kept flowing, which made it easy to read a big chunk of the book at once (I read about 3/4 in the first sitting). As someone who is about to set up their own copywriting business, I found it really informative and useful.”- Nicole Thomson-Pride